WiWU Almighty Charger Suit S02


₨ 2,000.00

WiWU Almighty Charger Suit S02

Support Lightning, Android, Type-C charging travel without fear of multiple devices.
60W high-power Faster charging
Can be transform into a mobile phone stand which is Multi-purpose and convenient to use.
Equipped with sim card eject pin and memory Card slot/SIM card slot
Quality products, thin, light, and fashionable.
USB-C To Type-C 60WUSB-C To Micro-USB 2.4AUSB-C To Lightning 20WUSB-A To Lightning 2.4AUSB-A To Micro-USB 2.4AUSB-A To Type-C 3.0A

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₨ 2,000.00

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SB-C To Type-C 60W

USB-C To Micro-USB 2.4A
USB-C To Lightning 20W
USB-A To Lightning 2.4A
USB-A To Micro-USB 2.4A
USB-A To Type-C 3.0A

Brand WIWU