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Printer Repair and toner refill in Birtamod, Jhapa, Nepal

Local Printer Repair Services Near you

We Have High Skilled Technicians that work with complex systems of Printers under the direction of a professional  carry out a large number of printer repairs every month and help you fix your device as well. We are an Authorized locally based trusted IT company and We work with  Different types of printers services include laser printers, dye-sublimation printers, ink jet printers, plotters, direct thermal printers, line printers, thermal transfer printers, flexographic printers, hot stamping printers, letter press printers, offset printers, pad printers, rotogravure printers, screen printers, letterpress printers, dot matrix printers, and LED / LCD printers.

We also offer Printer repair services either on an annual service agreement basis or on a "time and material" pay-as-required basis of different brands like  Epson, Brother, Canon, Konica Minolta,  Kyocera  at a reasonable price. We solve problems with the power supply, control boards, paper feed mechanism, gearbox, malfunctions in the operation of the guide carriage or the print head, and all other difficulties that arise when working with office equipment.

Laptop Repair Center in Birtamod, Jhapa, Nepal

Local Laptop Repair Services Near you

Quality Computer is the leading IT Store to provide support, maintenance & services of all brands Laptop i.e Dell, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Asus across Birtamod, Jhapa, Nepal. We have High Skilled engineers and have an expertise to solve all software and hardware problems of all laptops, no matter which brand of laptop you are using. They will provide you the quick and reliable services. 

All type of laptop repairing is available including motherboard replacement, screen replacement, Keyboard Replacement,  battery & power supply replacement, and much more. We’re quick, professional, and convenient. You can come to our Laptop Service center in Birtamode. W e'll diagnose the most common issues on the spot. To know More about Laptop Repair Please call our Service Center 023-542240.

CCTV installation and Repair service in Birtamod, Jhapa, Nepal

Local CCTV Repair Services Near you

We provide CCTV installation in Birtamod, Jhapa for surveillance, high-level security, and remote monitoring to keep your residence or business secure. Quality Computer offers state-of-the-art security systems and CCTV cameras to enterprises, homes, and commercial spaces all over Nepal. Our team of professionals makes sure that businesses and households enjoy comprehensive protection for their properties, people, and families. We also plan before installing CCTV cameras to locate the best positions to mount them. Our experts will also check remote monitoring systems to ensure they are working properly which you can see over the internet in real-time or on your smartphone. We have a wide range of CCTV cameras available. We have multiple brands including HikVision, UniView and ANB.

Inverter And Online UPS Repairing Service in Birtamode, Jhapa, Nepal

Local Inverter and Online Repair Services Near you

Quality Computer offers online UPS repair services at Birtamode, Jhapa. We guarantee an uninterrupted Power Supply to your vital systems. If you are not maintaining the UPS battery, you may encounter power outage issues. Meanwhile, your vital system will be damaged and you will suffer huge financial loss. To fix the problem, you need a professional technician.

We specialize in repairing and maintenance of all kinds of UPS, Inverter, & SMPS.  For more detail Contact us: 023-542240


Projector, Monitor, and TV Repairing Service in Birtamode, Jhapa

Local Inverter and Online Repair Services Near you

Is your Technos, or another brand TV or monitor broken, damaged, or defective? No matter how big or small the problem is, we treat all electronic devices like our own!

Our team of highly trained and dedicated TV repair technicians is ready to solve any TV-related issues our customers are encountering.

Call us today 023-542240 and we will send our TV repair technician to help you solve your TV problems.

The service we offer is different from the competitors. The main offer we make is TV repair rather than replacement, which can result in much lower repair costs and faster turnaround time compared to buying spare parts for new TVs. We also provide the best projector repair centers with the best customer service and turnaround times.