Prize Pool

Road Map


  •  At least 3 players are required in a team. Solo or Duo players will be immediately kicked out.

  • Abuse of bugs, third party apps, hack or other illegal activities by any player or team will not be tolerated his/her team will be disqualified from the tournament and future tournaments as well.

  • Only Mobile devices are allowed to play the tournament use of external devices, triggers, tablet, ipad will not be permitted. Phone coolers are allowed. Finger sleevs are allowed.  

  • Use of all chat strictly prohibited.

  • Flare gun is NOT allowed in the game. 

  • Use of any language that is offensive, insulting, libelous, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, threatening, foul or vulgar will not be tolerated and the team will be disqualified immediately from the tournament.

  • Consumptions of any kind of Alcohol or Drugs is offensive in the tournament and strict charges will be put upon the person doing so.

  • Any offending or suspicious acts by opponent player must be recorded and the proof should be given to management team.

  • Fist and pan are allowed but mocking, teasing via emotes, Teabagging is prohibited, a warning will be issued to the team and if the same act repeats the teams score for that particular round will not be counted.

  •   Reamatch will not be accepted until more than 30% of the players are affected by the particular problem or technical difficulty. If the spectators fail to join rematch will be accepted.

  • Fooding will be provided in the LAN day itself accomodations are not.
  • Taxes apply on the PrizePool

*All the other basic rules will be applied in the tournament*

Points Table

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