Su-vastika 2.5KVA/24V Solar Hybrid Brainy Inverter


₨ 34,500.00

Su-vastika 2.5KVA/24V Solar Hybrid Brainy Inverter

Suitable for Home appliances, Office/IT Applications & Commercial Use
Capacity: 2500VA (2.5kVA)
24V (2-BAttery Inverter) - Easy on yur Pocket
Zero Changeover - Instant Switchover ensures smooth running of sensitive appliances - PCs, Printers, modems, etc
Low voltage tolerance - Battery Charging in Low Current even as low as 90V
Noiseless Operation for peace-of-mind use
High Load Power factor - able to take much of your load
Battery Selection switch for Lead Acid battery, Tubular, SMF to maximise battery life
User-Friendly Graphical LED display
Battery Low Voltage Limit: 10.5 V ±0.2 V/Battery
Max. Output Voltage: 220 V ±10 V

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