BDCOM S2510-C Ethernet Switch


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BDCOM S2510-C Ethernet Switch

1 console port
8 GE TX ports
2 100/1000M SFP ports
1 standard AC110V ~ 220 V power supply
fanless, 1U, desktop installation

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₨ 14,300.00

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    Port form8 gigabit electrical ports

    2 100/Gigabit optical ports

    Exchange capacity336Gbps/3.36Tbps
    Packet forwarding rate25Mpps/102Mpps
    Chassis size280*180*44
    Power consumption<12W
    power supplyAC: 100V-240V, 50Hz±10%

    Optional DC model, DC: -36~-72V

    Environmental requirementsWorking temperature/humidity: -10℃-50℃, 10%-90% non-condensing

    Storage temperature/humidity: -40℃-75℃; 5%-95% non-condensing

    Mac swapSupport static configuration and dynamic learning of MAC address

    Support view and clear MAC address

    Configurable MAC address aging time

    Support MAC address learning limit

    Support MAC address filtering function

    Support IEEE 802.1AE MacSec security control

    VLANSupport 4K VLAN table entries

    Support GVRP

    Support QinQ function

    Support Private VLAN

    Support voice vlan

    Ring network protectionSupport 802.1D (STP), 802.1W (RSTP), 802.1S (MSTP)

    Support BPDU protection, root protection, loop protection

    Support EAPS Ethernet link automatic protection protocol

    Support ERPS Ethernet ring network protection protocol

    MulticastSupport IGMP v1/v2/v3

    Support IGMP Snooping

    Support IGMP Fast Leave

    Support multicast group policy and limit on the number of multicast groups

    Supports cross-VLAN replication of multicast traffic

    IP routingSupport ipv4/ipv6 dual stack protocol

    Support static routing

    Support RIP, OSPF dynamic routing

    DHCPSupport DHCP Server

    Support DHCP Relay

    Support DHCP Client

    Support DHCP Snooping

    Supports Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 ACL

    Support IPv4, IPv6 ACL

    Support VLAN ACL

    QoSSupport traffic classification based on each field of the L2/L3/L4 protocol header

    Support CAR flow limit

    Support 802.1P/DSCP priority re-marking

    Support queue scheduling methods such as SP, WRR, SP+WRR, etc.

    Support congestion avoidance mechanisms such as Tail-Drop and WRED

    Support traffic monitoring and traffic shaping

    Safety featuresSupport L2/L3/L4 based ACL flow identification and filtering security mechanism

    Support anti-DDoS attack, TCP SYN Flood attack, UDP Flood attack, etc.

    Supports suppression of multicast, broadcast, and unknown unicast messages

    Support port isolation

    Support port security, IP+MAC+port binding

    Support DHCP sooping, DHCP option82

    Support IEEE 802.1x authentication

    Support Radius, BDTacacs+ certification

    Support command line hierarchical protection

    reliabilitySupport static/LACP mode link aggregation

    Support UDLD unidirectional link detection

    Support Ethernet OAM

    Support ISSU business uninterrupted system upgrade

    Management and maintenanceSupport Console, Telnet, SSH 2.0

    Support ZTP Zero Touch Provisioning (Zero Touch Provisioning)

    Support browser-based WEB management

    Support SNMP v1/v2/v3

    Support file upload and download management in TFTP mode

    Support RMON event history