Assembled PC - Low End


₨ 11,000.00

Assembled PC - Low End

Best entry level PC for: Offices, Homes, Schools, etc. You can run any kind of entry level softwares such as Billing Softwares & Microsoft Office.
Includes the following components:
Motherboard: Esonic Motherboard G41
SSD: Simdisk 128gb SATA SSD
Case: Pstech Casing Fancy
Power Supply: 450W
RAM: Kingston Desktop RAM 2gb DDR3
CPU: Intel 2.93Ghz Core 2 Duo
Cooling unit: CPU Fan PIV
Peripherals: Frontech KB-0033 USB Wired Keyboard, Frontech MS-0062 Wired Optical Mouse

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₨ 18,000.00

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    Core™ 2 Duo, 2.93Ghz


    2 GB (DDR3)

    Memory Frequency

    1600 MHz


    128gb SATA SSD

    Power Supply


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