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Gaming Monitor In Nepal

There are so many different monitors on the market. There are normal monitors, Curved monitors, LCD, LED, OLED, etc. So how do you select the right monitor according to your requirements and for what purpose? The most frequently asked questions regarding monitors are: What’s the difference between a normal monitor and a gaming monitor? And: What do the specs mean? The worst part about buying a monitor is the pricing Different places have different prices with people trying to gain as much profit as possible. Well, ask no more! Quality Computer is a  We’re going to answer these questions, and more, in our simple guide to choosing the best monitor for gaming.

What To Consider While Buying a Gaming Monitor

  1. You want a monitor with at least a 75 Hz, combined with the lowest response time you can find. Refresh rate is particularly important for gamers, so most gaming monitors have a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz, (the fastest availabile is 360 Hz), and you'll want a maximum response time of 5ms. 

  2. Another thing you shouldn’t lose sight of when shopping for a crystal-clear gaming monitor is panel resolution. This feature represents the number of distinct pixels in every dimension, which can be displayed. Generally, higher resolution implies higher quality of image. In spite of this fact, you should not purchase a monitor that has a high resolution if your gaming PC does not have sufficient capability to operate at that resolution.

  3. You have to check you graphics card before buying a monitor because you will need a graphics hard that can hanlde the Graphics while maintaining FPS besause if you have a low end graphics and and a high end monitor you wont be able to take the full benifit of the monitor because the graphics wouldnt be able to keep up. The better the monitor you intend to buy, the more powerful the graphics card you will have to pair with it. To buy a graphics card for your PC click here.

Is Curved Monitor Better?

Curved monitor not only looks better than the flat monitors but also provides a better gaming experience that the flat monitors cant match. A curved monitor seems to wrap you around and make you feel like you are right inside the game playing rather than simply playing it

Most of the games are designed for flat screen monitors because most of the gamers use flat screen monitor for gaming and it takes a little while to adjust to adjust to a curved monitor after playing for a long time in a flat screen monitor.

Another question that is frequently asked is "is curved monitor good for eyes?" The answer to that is Curved monitors provide less distortion, a wider field of view and better viewing angles to prevent you from tiring out your eyes. Bottom Line: If your eyes hurt from staring at computers all day, consider getting a curved monitor that lets you take in the whole picture at once without straining your eyes.

Which Is The Best Monitor Size For Gamers?

One of the most asked questions is what is the best monitor size for gamers? Size is given usually in Inches diagonally across the monitor i.e. from top left corner to bottom right corner. The most popular monitor sizes are between 24 inches to 32 inches. Bigger always doesnt means better. The two factor that you need to consider while buying a gaming monitor are: i) The space you have on your desk for the monitor ii) The games you play.

If you play MMORPG games such as Blade&Soul, World of Warcraft bigger screen is a better option because you will want the full immersive experience. But if you are playing Competitive such as COD, Counter Strike smaller screen is better because in games as such minimaps and FOV play an important role and with a big screen you would need to keep turning you head to look at the minimap which will put you in disadvantage and can hurt your neck.

If you are a live streamer you may also need a sencodary monitor which can turn 180 degrees so you can read live chats and adjust your monitor accordingly. In that case 24 inch is the best size for live chat reading purpose.

Finally , Where to Buy The Best Monitors For Affordable Prices.

The one and only question reamins after finding the perfect gaming monitor for you is "where should I buy the Monitor from?". if you are from Birtamode, Jhapa. Quality Computer is a leading IT Product supplier of the best gaming PC's in the eastern part of Nepal. We assemble gaming pc with performance and precision in mind. With competitive prices on all our products, investing in good gaming Monitor doesn't need to cost a fortune. We have Monitors from brands such as MSI, BenQ, Fantech, AOC and many more which you can order via our website at any time.
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